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Russell and his crew at Fuller Living Construction are the easiest and most professional contractors I have worked with. As a designer it is so important to have full transparency with a project and to know that the outcome will come out just as planned. They exceed in transparency, customer service and communication and of course the end result of a project always turns out wonderful. I am grateful that I get to work them when I can!

Desirae W., ★★★★★

I have had the opportunity to work with Russel and Fuller Living Constructions for the past year. All I can say is these people are true professionals while making you feel part of the family. Customers are always first priority and I’ve been going to work every day feeling accomplished and fulfilled that I am a part of something big. Always on time always communicating no one is left behind. I truly recommend Fuller Living Construction either you are looking for a project cleanly done or if you are a professional looking to become part of this growing family with a bright future.

Radu B., ★★★★★

Russell did a complete gut and remodel of a small craftsman home for us in Ballard. He and his crew were efficient, kept to the schedule, communicated with us throughout the whole project, left the premises clean every day and the quality of work was superb. We have used him on other jobs, and would use again. We were very happy with the work they did.

Cheryl J., ★★★★★

Russell and his team are easy to work with. They have a solid work ethic and a true commitment to detail. As a subcontractor, we appreciate his communication style and willingness to adjust to scheduling conflicts. We are happy to be one of Fuller Livings go-to subcontractors

Dan, Redhawk Construction, ★★★★★

As a real estate professional I understand the utmost importance of recommending fantastic vendors to clients. Especially when it comes to builds and remodels. Russell and Fuller Living Construction fit the bill. They have been excellent in the estimates, timelines, and work completed for clients of mine. Russell is genuine and straight forward, and you will be happy you called him. I couldn't be happier with the results and will continue recommending him and his team.

Lino G., ★★★★★

" Pursue Craft ".... take pride in your work, do a quality job. There is nothing better than being part of a team of allstars! I can honestly say that every single one of my coworkers shows up to do their best work, every single day. Everyone, from Russell, to the employees and the subcontractors; all bring their integrity, and focus on quality, to every job. These folks work together to accomplish a high standard of quality on our projects. Everybody involved is always there, to back each other up. It's truly a privilege working here.

Colin E., ★★★★★

This company is easy to work with, does great work and generously gives back to the Seattle Community.

Janet B., ★★★★★

It’s been a pleasure working with Russell. We have a team of professional leaders that work hard on a daily basis. Fuller Living is an awesome company to be a part of, the quality of work is unparalleled. Russell is an honest guy who always pays on time and his main goal is to make his customers happy. He also treats everyone with utmost kindness and respect.

Nazar K., ★★★★★

Russ is a true professional, always working to improve the remodeling process as he adds value and avoids waste. He's passionate about delivering an exceptional client service.

Victoria D., ★★★★★

Russell is as good as it gets. His meticulous attention to detail, organization, and communication skills give confidence in what is being delivered. Any issues that arise are quickly resolved. Everything is transparent, fair, and top-notch. Great people to work with.

Jake K., ★★★★★

We all in life meet people that we decide to work with on our car, house, banking etc. We never know when the chosen relationship is going to go south or not, there's no real way to know if someone has integrity or simply a good heart. The building boom in Seattle and the outlying areas has created a lot more bad than good when it comes to contracting on any level. This is where I find my reason for writing this about Russell and Fuller Living Construction and their amazing talent to get the people what they want for their homes and outdoor projects. You won't want anyone else after these guys!

Van T., ★★★★★

Organized, efficient, professional, fun to work with. Russell has a great attitude and makes the process of remodeling/construction easy to understand, his super transparent scheduling and billing platform make tracking the project easy. His team are all top notch craftspeople and I recommend them to anybody seeking a qualified builder to make the remodeling process smooth and enjoyable.

Gabriel B., ★★★★★

Russell and his crew are professional and do some of the best custom renovation work in Seattle. From fireplace installs to lifting buildings off foundations, they can accomplish major transformations to your home. Not only is the quality of the work top notch, their is an eye for details and design that few can provide.

Dave P., ★★★★★

I've done a lot of construction and trust few people to work on my own home, and Russell and crew have done just great work every time we've brought them in. He's one of the most upfront and honest people I've ever worked with across industries and can't recommend him enough. I've sent him to several friends who he has done excellent work for as well.

Robin G., ★★★★★

I've worked with Fuller Living Construction on a number of deck jobs and they are highly recommended. Solid craftsmanship, great scheduling and project management and their billing is transparent so there's no guessing or wondering what's going on. Great work from great people!

Amanda G., ★★★★★

We hired Fuller Living Construction to design our dream fireplace. They were extremely responsive and did an amazing job! People are constantly complimenting how beautiful our fireplace is and we have loved sitting by it and using it. Even after they were done, they checked in to see how things were going and if we need anything else. To find a construction company that cares as much as Fuller Living and as responsive as Fuller Living seems unlikely. They’re the best.

Shiva H., ★★★★★

I have had the privilege to work as an apprentice carpenter for Fuller Living Construction for the last year. It is one of the best companies I have worked for. As an employee, I really appreciate the work environment, because the team is very helpful and willing to give you the opportunity to grow. I have improved my skills greatly in the last year and had to chance to practice many different areas of carpentry. I feel good about the work that we do knowing our clients are always happy. I never have to worry about getting paid on time or being short of work. One of the things I appreciate most is that we focus on restoring old homes and preserving the history of old Seattle. I highly recommend Fuller Living Construction whether you are a client or someone skilled looking to work for a great company.

Andrew P., ★★★★★

I’ve worked for Fuller Living Construction for 5 years now and have always love the experience. There is a wonderful team spirit here and the men and women I work with are the best in the business. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with this company.

Buddy B., ★★★★★

Russell and team finished our basement and earthquake retrofitted and fixed our drainage. Russell was communicative and had great ideas for our project. His team was professional, friendly and (most importantly) did the work they said they were going to for the price they quoted and on time. Our basement is now our favorite room and we recommend fuller living construction to anyone we know with a project.

Joseph M., ★★★★★

Fuller Living Construction is truly one of the best company's anyone could ever hire. There passion for quality is unsurpassed in the industry! Fair pricing along with there conscientious carpenters makes calling them for any project a no brainer. I hold myself to the highest of standards and will only work with a like and kind company, giving the boot to many of the other so called quality contractors out there who are willing to cut corners and bypass permitting because there work cannot or will not meet code standards. A House is one of the largest purchases someone will ever make in there life, don't let some company talk you into saving a buck and then let them mess up your investment. You can sleep well knowing you had Fuller Living Construction on the job. Doing it right!

Bob H., ★★★★★

These guys are AWESOME! I had received a few quotes.....Russ and his team came in the strongest. Whatever they told me it was going to cost for the projected ended up being just that. I honestly budgeted a little more because we all know it always goes over. But I was truly surprised....me and my wife actually celebrated when the project was done almost exactly when they told us. What a GREAT group of HONEST people. A sincere THANK YOU to the hard working team. Keep up the good work.

Amit K., ★★★★★

I am an independent residential architect here in Seattle, (Architect7600llc) and I have worked closely with Fuller Living Construction on several remodeling projects in recent years. I can personally attest to their professionalism and the high quality of their work. I've yet to hear even one minor complaint from our shared clients on the quality of the work they've done. They have my highest recommendation for your residential remodeling project.

Kit N., ★★★★★

Great to work with, keeps on schedule, good communication, budget and quality conscious.

Barry C., ★★★★★

Fuller Living Construction has been supporting Aurora Commons as our Transformative Sponsor for the past three years! We are so incredibly grateful for their support. Thank you for supporting your community and making a difference in the lives of the people who are sleeping outside and unstably housed. We are so grateful!

Elizabeth D., ★★★★★

We couldn't be happier with our experience of Fuller Living Construction. Russell and his team members were friendly, professional, consistent and highly communicative. They were happy to talk through and work with our needs; and they brought a level of expertise that brings confidence in the results. They are also remarkably attuned to the ethereal dimensions of the work they do, understanding the importance of building good vibes into the spaces they create. I'm very grateful.

Andrew C., ★★★★★

I've worked on many high demand Job projects with Fuller Living Construction and they are true professionals and get the job done. Pleasant to work with and Highly recommended. SUPER!!!

Bogdan, ★★★★★

They are amazing to work with. Truly helping me live out my dreams.

Noam G., ★★★★★

I've worked with Fuller Living Construction on many projects. I've found them to be responsive, professional, quality minded and thorough. A great choice for homeowners and developers. Good folks!

Christopher S., ★★★★★

Fuller Living Construction did a fantastic job on some remodeling items we had them do. They even came back to fix a few things that weren't done quite as perfectly as we and they wanted. Very pleased with the work they did for us!

Matthew T., ★★★★★

Fuller Living Construction is the most detailed, organized, respectable Construction Company that I have ever worked with and I have been in the construction industry for 28 years. Their employees go the extra mile to as accommodating as possible and the job site is always clean and secure at the end of the day. The subcontractors they use are just the best to work with and so helpful with our needs. I would highly recommend calling Fuller Living Construction as early as possible though because they usually have a full schedule.

Steve R., ★★★★★

We have worked with Fuller Living Construction on numerous projects and have nothing but good things to say about every experience. Their team is professional and hard working. The quality of work they perform is above industry standard and the finished product is always what is expected.

D.B. Davis Structural Moving & Raising, ★★★★★

They did a fantastic job on my kitchen remodel, fireplace and decks. I am extremely satisfied with their work. Highly recommended!

Dan, ★★★★★

FLC has done several remodel projects for us and has consistently delivered. Russell and his team produce excellent quality work and use a process that makes following the progress easy and transparent.

Will G.A., ★★★★★

Some of the best people to have work in your home. We had a month-long roof-deck project. Russell gave me a time and money projection. He was spot on with his budget estimate and precise on the duration. The team who built the deck were smart, hardworking (arriving 7am sharp each day) and responsive. It was a joy to see them each day. Our roof deck came with some unique challenges and the team worked through each one smoothly. The whole process was wonderful and I highly recommend Fuller Living for any home projects. (The deck came out fantastic!)

Leah T., ★★★★★

Russell is a true professional. I had a great experience doing a COMPLETE remodel with him and he delivered fantastic results. I highly recommend Fuller Living Construction.

Nic C., ★★★★★

Worked with Fuller Construction on rebuilding deck and decking all around my house including multiple staircases. Russell gave a timely estimate and worked with us on reaching a budget. Dmitri led the project and did a great job of communication each day as well as offering multiple solutions for issues that arose with our old house. Great follow up after job ended to make sure everything was correct. Both Russell and Dmitri always made themselves available to any questions we had and contacted us promptly. Great company I would be happy to work with them in the future.

Mark K., ★★★★★

Just finished my 3rd project with Russel 1 fire rehab, 1 house lift and a total renovation. Everyone has gone smooth and I am out hunting for #4. Look forward to the future.

Roger S., ★★★★★

Russell and his crew at Fuller Living Construction have been rehabbing my tired 1925 craftsman into a dwelling of the current century. The house could now be confused with a new build and I can't get over the craftsmanship that they have exhibited! I have also been so impressed at their workmanship, speed, efficiency, communication, and documentation throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend them.

Julie J. , ★★★★★

We had a bathroom that had been out of commission for approximately ten years. Actually, it had been completely gutted. Through a good friend we were introduced to Russell Fuller of Fuller Living Construction who came into our home with his crew, Tony and Steve, and greeted this sorry looking room with great anticipation of transforming it into something we would absolutely love. They listened to our concerns and our ideas and returned the next day with multiple tile samples, paint ideas, pictures, etc. That's when we knew that they really had listened. We requested an estimate which we found to be very reasonable. They began work promptly and efficiently. They worked steadily and took care to clean up following each workday. The job took a bit longer than anticipated which we assured them was just fine as we had no deadline to meet and this was due to a few snags along the way (our faulty plumbing in particular). Despite this, the estimate remained as promised which we were very impressed with. These guys are happy in their work, respectful, friendly and so very professional and qualified which are all attributes I find essential. Their quality control was top notch and we would not hesitate to hire these guys in the future for any home construction/remodel project and I am certainly enthusiastic about recommending them to our friends and family.

Mila R., ★★★★★

It was a pleasure having my basement remodeled into a mother-in-law for us to rent out for extra income. The progress exceeded my expectations from the very start. Before, it was a musty space where I hated doing laundry, now there's a rec room with a small kitchen and a nice bedroom with a doorway into the master bath with a jacuzzi tub and tiled shower. The recessed lighting was a nice touch added to the original design, creating ambiance for which I am very thankful. The space was transformed in a mere three months and I was blown away. It was apparent that everyone who works for Fuller Living Construction has a strong work ethic and excels to fully satisfy each client on an individual basis. The process was transparent, with every facet of the operation being discussed openly, embellishing on my vision and making it extraordinary! I'm so pleased I met with Russell before going with another contractor and will be recommending FLC to anyone looking for a reliable crew that makes dreams come true.

Jeremy P., ★★★★★

We all in life meet people that we decide to work with on our car, house, banking etc. We never know when the chosen relationship is going to go south or not, there's no real way to know if someone has integrity or simply a good heart. The building boom in Seattle and the outlying areas has created a lot more bad than good when it comes to contracting on any level. This is where I find my reason for writing this about Russell and Fuller Living Construction and their amazing talent to get the people what they want for their homes and outdoor projects. You won't want anyone else after these guys!

Curtis T., ★★★★★

If you're looking for a contractor for your home renovation, look no further. Russell and his crew are great at what they do. At this point, my wife and I have hired (and in some unfortunate cases, fired) several contractors in the course of renovating our home. Fuller Living Construction stands out as by far the best of them. They are honest. They are timely. They communicate well (daily updates with pictures using Buildertrend and weekly budget updates). They are responsive to questions, comments, and requests via text and email. Most importantly, they care about getting the job done right. Big thanks to Russell, Buddy, Paul, Brent, Amy, Chris, Nazzar, Maryan, and everyone else that chipped in to make our project a reality!

Greg V., ★★★★★

I got Russell Fuller's name through Sutter Home and Hearth when I was about to rip out my old wood burning fireplace and replace it with a new Valor Gas unit. At the same time I wanted up modernize the hearth and tile facade which seemed like a daunting task to coordinate between the various parties. Russell and his crew worked seamlessly with Sutter to tear out the old unit, rebuild the casing, do the new tile work and arrange for Sutter’s insulation of the fireplace unit. His team protected my floors and other areas of my home and cleaned up after each workday. They did a beautiful job and finished on time and came in well within budget. It was a stress free project and I would certainly bring Russell and his crew in again for my next upgrade.

Norman M. , ★★★★★

Our fireplace project is complete! Thank you so much for your work. Chris and I are really happy with how it turned out! And you guys did an awesome job on everything. You had great attention to detail and the final product looks great and I know is excellent quality. Thanks again for taking on the project. We are happy to be a reference for other fireplace projects for you.

Megan & Chris, ★★★★★

I was referred to Fuller Living Construction by Sutter Home & Hearth in Ballard, WA when we decided to convert our outdoor wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace. We had an idea of what we wanted to do but Russell was great about offering up additional ideas and suggestions which really opened up our thinking. We decided to expand the scope to include replacing the fireplace as well as tiling from floor to ceiling and building out a bench seat in front of the fireplace. Russell did a great job of managing the project and expectations as well as communicating regularly with us about any changes. Kevin was on site every day and was a real pleasure to work with. He had great ideas, was a highly skilled craftsman and kept a neat and tidy workplace. He impressed me with how conscientious he was about the smallest of details. He took a lot of pride in his work. The finished fireplace was even better than we had hoped and all of our friends love it. Thanks so much to Russell and his team for making this a fun experience for us! Keith & Tami

Keith and Tami, ★★★★★

Russell and his team were great to work with! I appreciated all of the transparencies there were with estimates, bills, hours worked, project time line etc. Our kitchen looks phenomenal and the attention to detail was incredible!! He and his team is clean and efficient which meant a lot to us. I would highly recommend Russell and his team to friends and family and whoever else wants to put a hammer through their wall!!!

Becca H. and Ben J., ★★★★★

We are indeed pleased with our basement fireplace insert and your installation services. Now looking forward to cool damp weather (never thought I’d say that) to fire it up! Wanted to say THANK YOU for referring Russell Fuller Living Construction. Russell’s estimate was accurate, timeliness great, and his two craftsman (Kevin and Bogdan) were excellent and finished when they said they would. Strongly suggest you add them to your recommended contractor list. They are a credit to your fine products and services.

Lorne D., ★★★★★

A few months ago, I purchased a gas fireplace insert from Sutter. The service was excellent from Sutter and Jeff (and his assistant ) were wonderful to work with. I was very pleased when Jeff referred Russell Fuller to do the surrounding wall construction and tiling for the finished fireplace. Russell came in, gave me a good faith estimate of the job!, and, best of all, completed the job in a timely manner. His staff was also courteous, abided by our strict condo rules, and kept up an excellent communication with me. I would encourage Sutter to recommend Fuller Living Construction for fireplace install and finishing work.

Cindi C., ★★★★★

Sue and I would like to thank you for the excellent service Sutter Home and Hearth, Fuller Living Construction and your teams provided during and since the installation of our new fireplace! The entire process, from the sales showroom, design discussions, fabrication of the fireplace shell, final installation and the follow-on support has been OUTSTANDING!! Your design team met with and coordinated their work with Russell Fuller from Fuller Living Construction, LLC. The two teams met several times and worked out all the little details to make the final installation well coordinated and not only an excellent heating source, but really a beautiful addition to our room. We would like to highly recommend Fuller Living Construction to you and say again what a pleasure it was to have Russell on the project team. He and his team worked so well with your team that the entire process was a most pleasant experience for us. The result is a wonderful work of art!!! Thank you Sutter Home and Fuller Living Construction!

Sue & David L., ★★★★★

Russell Fuller and his team helped us turn a plain old kitchen into a gorgeous new/old kitchen! Russell has experience in designing interiors for his own properties as well as for his clients. You can decide for yourself what you want and he and his team offer practical solutions to make it a reality. Turn to Fuller Living Construction if you want a fresh approach to remodeling.

Cindy & Patty, ★★★★★

Guys like Russell are rare breeds these days in the world of “general contractors”. He shows up on time, works his tail off, is honest and upfront on pricing AND for every project I have hired him for (over 7 at this point) he goes above and beyond what is asked and stays within the budget. He can take a simple project and though skills/colors/ideas, can turn them into Art. Russell and the guys at Fuller Living Construction completely renovated my home. They started with a new deck with custom lighting and amazing sound. Then we designed and they built a dream kitchen and then a living room…this remodel changed my life. My house now has become my home. Russell is an extremely professional and creative person. He guided me through the process and made sure my ideas became reality at a price I could work with. Book him if/while you can.

Matt S. , ★★★★★

Russell and his crew put up a 24 x 16 awning for me that was over 13 feet tall at the highest point. From the beginning Russell listened to my vision and help to shape it into a reality. The 3 man team came in set the posts in concrete and worked all the way through with care and attention to detail. He proved to be quite flexible and worked through many challenges on this large construction project. The final results are quite impressive, all the posts beams and rafters were wrapped in cedar, and the the top was made from 4 – 16 x 6 sheets of 8ml twin wall SunLite Polycarbonate sheeting, a product Russell recommended.

Andrew Z. , ★★★★★

The commitment of this company to both their work AND their community impresses me beyond measure. They are sponsors of both the Wintergrass music festival and of the Aurora Commons - ensuring services for the homeless and joy for music lovers. Every employee is vested in supporting these non-profit ventures as part of their job for Fuller Living Construction. The name isn't just Russell's last name, it's his first commitment to life. They do their work honestly, quickly, and beautifully.

Patrice O. , ★★★★★

Russell built us a light-filled, magnificent sunroom to chase away the gloom of Seattle’s winters. The space is somewhat unique, in its situation compared to the rest of the house, and in its structural requirements. After listening to our vision for the sunroom, Russell tirelessly drew and redrew the plans, consulted with a structural engineer, and handled every query during the permit process. Russell’s crew, onsite, were extremely knowledgeable in their craft, and very comfortable to have around during the long days of construction. Their attention to detail is spectacular—in the woodwork, in the painting—the sunroom is seamlessly a part of the house now. We had many questions, both before and during construction, and Russell answered them all. In the end, the sunroom has exceeded our expectations—we seem to do all of our living in it! We would hire Russell again—he’s dedicated, straight-forward and honest, and we would, in equal measure, highly recommend him.

Indu P., ★★★★★

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