End of September

October 4, 2022 by Russell Fuller

End of September

Welcome friends and neighbors!  We’re just starting to share highlights of our work at the beginning of each week. Please follow along as the pieces come together and houses become homes.

We’re thankful for this excellent Indian summer weather, which makes our work pleasant and productive as we move into Fall.

Here is what our teams accomplished the last week of September:

At our MERIDIAN project where we’re adding a second floor addition and remodeling the kitchen, we’re getting the roof closed up. Using safety harnesses we installed main roofing plywood with with sheeting clips and roofing paper – we’re now covered in case of rain. Nathan, in the cabinetry shop is building out beautiful kitchen cabinetry, and coordinating with the carpenters for heights and positions. Roof trusses are prepared, cross-braced and blocked for the north and south roof gables. Drywall sheeting is installed. Skylight placement is finalized. On Friday we confirmed window heights with the client and our carpenters, installed South wall and breakfast nook windows and sealed them with sika seal.

At our BURKE project where we are finishing a new front porch, we met with the client onsite to review and finalize details to complete the project, created our puchlist and posted it for shared visibility.

At our ORCAS project, we are rebuilding and remodeling after fire damage. We pulled hardware and door jambs from the bathroom/powder room and prepped the space for the buildout. We met onsite with our cabinet installers, coordinated appliance measurements, gas line and electrical locations, hood vent and required electrical and gas line moves. The new door was taken to the paint shop and will be ready to install in the coming week. In the Kitchen, we pulled drywall and rewired for the new range. JD and Chloe worked out placement of metal siding, deck drain access, base trim and stair masking. We resolved plumbing clean out behind the dishwasher, finalized cabinet height, toe kick and cooktop outlet placement. We applied a protection layer to the floating stairs, prepped the Pacific Door order, and met with the client on site to decide countertop height and shelf thickness for bamboo shelves and laundry counters. Outside we removed the broken siding panels, prepped surfaces, cut and installed new siding. It’s looking great.

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