Are Dormers Right For Your Home

Are Dormers Right For Your Home

Part of living in Seattle is enjoying the breathtaking views of the mountains from the comfort of your home. If you feel your home is lacking nature views, remodeling your home may be just the way to bring more of the outside in. One way to bring more life into the home is through the installation of dormers.

Dormers are architectural accents that help a home stand out against the modern “cookie cutter” houses. They orginated in France and were often used in sleeping rooms to provide more light. Dormers are areas in the roof that project outward, with most containing windows. They are home additions that add space and light and improve air ventilation.

If you decide you want dormers in your house, consulting the home remodel services Seattle residents trust is the first step. Remodeling professionals can evaluate the existing structural foundation of the home and help determine the ease of dormer installation. Two of the most common problems are warped ceilings and drooping floors, which can both affect the work needed to successfully install a dormer. The type of dormer you choose can also play a role in what will need to be done for installation.

Four Types of Dormers

  1. Arched: One of the most common and earliest kinds of dormer is the arched dormer. These are mainly used to increase light. They can be arched to a point or rounded depending on the look and style you prefer. Arched dormers are structurally easier to install, but the round shape is a unique look that takes careful construction. A form of the arched dormer may be referred to as “gabled.” A form of rounded dormer may be called the “eyebrow” dormer. These are small hiccups in the roof that are used solely to increase light rather than provide a view or more space.
  2. Flat Top: Unlike the arches or the rounded dormers, flat tops are typically larger and project outward with a significant area of flat space. This can collect water and shelve snow, but the design is meant to increase the living space of the house while providing more light. Because the area is larger, flat top dormers are good for creating more places to view the outside. A type of flat top dormer is a wall roof dormer. These are used when the priority is to increase space because they blend into the exterior wall. It is especially important to have a solid housing foundation before installing wall roof dormers.
  3. Recessed: Recessed dormers still come out of the roof, but the window is set back, creating a ledge. These add more light to the house, but they are primarily a new way to add a unique aesthetic feature.
  4. False/Blind: False dormers are purely for aesthetic reasons and changing the outside look of the house. They typically do not add light or space to a house but are built as an outside extension on top of the roof.

Whether you choose to install a dormer for looks, views, or increased living space, the choice is up to you. To assist your decision-making process, speak with the home remodel services Seattle has to offer for estimates and foundational evaluations.


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