4 Signs Your Kitchen Needs More Space

August 5, 2019 by Russell Fuller

4 Signs Your Kitchen Needs More Space

There are many signs that a kitchen needs a remodel. For instance, your cabinets are falling apart and your sink is too small to fit your dishes.

But sometimes there are less obvious signs that your kitchen needs a renovation. After all, a kitchen doesn’t need to be falling apart to need a remodel. You might just need some extra space.

So how can you tell if your kitchen needs more space to cook and move around? Here are four signs your kitchen needs a remodel:

  1. Cooking isn’t fun anymore. For many homeowners, cooking is a fun way to end the day and to experiment with new foods. But if you haven’t been cooking much since you bought your new house, the problem could be that there isn’t enough space for you to do your thing.
  2. Dishes build up a lot faster. You might not be dirtying more dishes than you used to, but somehow they seem to build up in the sink and on the counters a lot faster. Odds are you don’t have a lot of sink space or counter space to hold them all.
  3. You bump into everyone. Unless your entire family is crowded around the stove while you’re cooking, you shouldn’t feel like you’re bumping into everyone while you’re in the kitchen. Crowding is one of the most common signs you need more space. There ought to be enough room for you to get by everyone without jostling each other around.
  4. You have more than one kitchen cart. Carts have become popular in the past year. You’ll see them sitting in the kitchen corner holding pantry foods and utensils. Carts can be great for extra storage, but if your cart is overflowing and you’ve been thinking of getting another one the problem might be bigger than your cart. You need more storage like drawers, cabinets, or maybe even a new pantry. It might also be a good idea to install shelves.

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