Fresh Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

Fresh Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas

There’s something that a bathroom remodel does to make you feel like you’ve stepped into your own personalized spa at home. Remodeling a bathroom is also a smart contribution to your home’s value, with many realizing a 70% return on their investment.

It’s no surprise then that 60% of homeowners have bathroom remodels in their plans. Some start with a clear vision of their bathroom remodel, while others prefer to comb through magazines and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Below are a variety of design concepts to consider for those still looking for The One!

The Spa.

Think clean lines, all white, with teak and bamboo accents. Pristine white makes the space feel fresh and new. The warmth of teak and bamboo bathmats, cupboards, or shelves adds a cozy zen. And nothing says spa quite like piles of fluffy folded towels placed around the room. Add a touch of greenery and your favorite bath soak and you’ll have your own relaxing escape right at home.

Black Gloss.

This can work with modern decor, as well as funky home designs. The trick here is to use the most glossy paint you can find. Your black gloss walls will give off a slick sheen that reflects around the room. Accessories and flooring in contrast colors will pop against the black backdrop. Tomato red, sunny yellow, and cobalt blue come to mind.


Some design concepts are based more around texture than color or lines. Using variations of the same shade, like a soft grey or tan, in a range of textures creates interest and a rich feel. You might consider pebbled bath tiles, natural wood furnishings, and throw pillows in satins, velvets, sequins, and raw silks.


Mixing metallic colors in neutral shades like pewter, silver, bronze, and gold make for a beautiful scene. This colorway can be ultra-modern via clean, sharp lines, or rustic, via hammered and artfully tarnished accessories.

The experts at Fuller Living Construction of Seattle offer the eye for design and skills for construction, structural work and installation needed to remodel your bathroom dreams into reality. With a reputation for professionalism and excellent service and craftsmanship, you will be in good hands with Fuller.

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